TankTrouble Android Beta Ended

In just under a week a staggering number of people have taken the time to fill out the form and sign up as beta testers of TankTrouble for Android! It is of course incredibly exciting that so many people are eager to get hold of the app. When we set out we had the expectation […]

TankTrouble Single Player AI

Contrary to what TankTrouble.com would have you believe, the TankTrouble AI is not actually run by a resurrected Russian canine, I’m sure the RSPCA would have a thing to say about that for one thing. Whilst far less exciting I thought I would write a post giving a rough overview of how the AI in […]

TankTrouble Android Beta Live

After months of development we are pleased to announce the release of the first beta version of TankTrouble for Android Devices. Battle head-to-head and navigate through tricky mazes and a mayhem of bouncing bullets to outsmart your friend before he outsmarts you. So dust off you dodging skills and think fast, or it will be […]

TankTrouble iOS Release Delayed

Regrettably I am writing to inform you that the release of TankTrouble for iOS has been delayed by 6 months until December this year. This is because of a disagreement with the parties that produced the first TankTrouble iOS application. Whilst we tried to negotiate a solution that would see it released in June, we […]