TankTrouble Android Released!

You heard that right – the most explosive, fast-paced, action-packed tank game is now available for Android devices! It has been a long road with a number of bumps and delays along the road, but we are really happy to finally see the app in the store and we hope you share some of that excitement.

Featuring local multiplayer and a finely honed Single Player AI, will you have what it takes to turn your opponent’s tank to shrapnel?

But that’s not all – with a number of updates planned over the coming months, the app is sure to get even more exciting!


You can get your hands on the app for only £0.99 here!

4 Responses to “TankTrouble Android Released!”

  1. you should make this app free because some people can’t buy apps if you want to make money you should put ads and make adfree version or make it freemium…

    • I’m afraid making the app free is simply not possible at this point in time as there are costs associated with making and maintaining the app along with hosting the servers it uses. On the TankTrouble website the banner ads generate the revenue to cover its costs and so we did consider a similar strategy for mobile. However, I think I speak for everyone when I say ads on mobile devices are horrible, the screens are small enough already and the quality of the adverts is normally dreadful. We therefore decided not to pursue this strategy.

      As for your suggestion of a freemium model this again is not possible. The minimum price for an in-app purchase is $0.99 and so if a freemium model was used one would have to pay an unreasonable amount to unlock all the features.

      It is possible we will release a stripped down lite version at some point in the future, but it is not currently planned.

  2. Hello Tustvold, Revengexx1 Here!
    I’m part of a semi-pro film production group and I would like to create a promotional video for Tank Trouble. This of course can be shown anywhere and will help spread the word of Tanktrouble and the App version. This is my first promo video and I wish that while making this I will be able to test out some new editing ideas I have in mind. Now of course I would like to make it the official promo video, and it will have no cost on your side of this deal. If you are interested please e-mail me at the email given.

    Great Regards ~Revengexx1.

    PS:Great job at the new additions to the mobile game!


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