TankTrouble Android Released!

You heard that right – the most explosive, fast-paced, action-packed tank game is now available for Android devices! It has been a long road with a number of bumps and delays along the road, but we are really happy to finally see the app in the store and we hope you share some of that […]

Voxel Engine – More Speed!

Back in my last post I analyzed in fairly decent depth the performance of a run based voxel engine compared to the more traditional approach. However, since then I had a couple of ideas on how to optimize the traditional approach and so I quickly set about implementing them. In this post I intend to […]

Voxel Engine – Performance

In the last two posts I have described a method of using run length encoding and interval trees to store and generate meshes from voxel data. In this post I intend to analyze its performance and compare it to that of the traditional approach.But before that I need to describe what that traditional approach is. […]

Voxel Engine – Mesh Generation

In my previous post, which can be found here, I discussed an unusual approach to storing voxel engine data using run length encoding and interval trees. I didn’t, however, manage to get onto discuss how to generate meshes from this structure. Therefore in this post I would like to do just that and describe how […]

Voxel Engine – Data Storage

MegaVoxel Random Noise

A while ago, almost two years ago, I stumbled across a very interesting article, which can be found here, on different ways of storing data within a voxel engine. Having discussed the common methods employed in voxel engines it proposes a method using interval trees to store the data and it is this method I’d […]