TankTrouble Android Beta Live

After months of development we are pleased to announce the release of the first beta version of TankTrouble for Android Devices.

Battle head-to-head and navigate through tricky mazes and a mayhem of bouncing bullets to outsmart your friend before he outsmarts you. So dust off you dodging skills and think fast, or it will be your friend who turns your tank into shrapnel.

Including both Single and Multiplayer as well as integration with the TankTrouble.com servers, do you have what it takes to vanquish your foes and climb the leaderboards to the top.

Sign up to the beta now by clicking here.

This is a particularly exciting day for Subterranean Software as it marks the end of an almost 5 month long stalemate where we were unable to reach an agreement with the parties responsible for the previous TankTrouble iOS application. At times it seemed like we would be unable to release the application at all and so we are even more excited to be able to finally share our work with you.

You can read the official announcement for the Android beta on TankTrouble.com here.

9 Responses to “TankTrouble Android Beta Live”

      • Tustvold

        There isn’t a fixed date when we intend to end the beta, rather we will keep it running for as long as it is needed. If people continue to find bugs we will continue to run it. However, given how much it has been delayed already, we are eager to release it as soon as possible and so once we feel there has been a suitably long period with no reports, we will end the beta and release the app.

  1. ben314

    Happy that it’s finally coming to android. I’ve been waiting for quite a while. Any ideas for what the final version will cost?

    • Tustvold

      Well I had just closed the form – but I guess I can keep it open for a few more hours…

    • Tustvold

      Sorry about that. You must have just missed the last batch of testers I added – I have been waiting for the latest statistics from Google Play before adding any more testers. You should have been added now. As you correctly deduced in the follow up email you sent today to [email protected], your original email had gone to [email protected] which I don’t have control of and so didn’t see. Sorry about the hassle and I hope you enjoy testing the app!

      I have also changed the form acknowledgement emails to come from [email protected] to help eliminate this confusion in future.


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